Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is registration of title about?

    Registration of title concerns the establishment of ownership of land, the boundaries thereof and entry of the title to the land and all relevant legal data on a separate folio or folios of the Land Register together with a unique number (registration).
  2. What are the benefits of this process?

    a. Simplification of dealings in land.

    b. Speeding up land transactions by eliminating of the need to search several deeds and other legal documents in order to establish ownership of title.

    c. Reduction of legal fees d. Government will guarentees Title to all registered lands.
  3. What is a registration district?

    This is an area of a parish that is declared by the Minister responsible for Lands to be subject to the new system of land registration. So far, eight(8) such districts have been so declared.
  4. Is my parcel of land registered or within a registration district?

    a. To find out if a parcel of land is registered, you are requested to present the name of the owner, the land tax reference number, a copy of a lot plan and previous conveyance.

    b. If the property is located within the registration district but not registered, any documents to be recorded should be submitted along with a Section 17 (4) letter.
  5. If your parcel of land is registered

    You are entitled to receive a Certificate of Title free of charge, however if the land is mortaged/Charged to a Financial Institution the Institution will be issued with a Certificate of Charge instead.
  6. How are searches on properties carried out?

    a. Applications of official searches on registered parcels will be processed by land registry staff, for a fee of $10.00.
    b. Searches on unregistered parcels can be carried out by attorney/legal clerks.

  7. How are Copies of Land Documents Obtained?

    Kindly note that copies of title documents may be obtained from the Land Registry Department on payment of the prescribed fee of $3.00 per page. However, you must know the name of the landowner and the location of the parcel for which you are searching. Title records for the period 1970-date are computerized. However, those earlier than 1969 are only available through manual searching.
  8. How to Transfer Title to Land

    According to Barbados’ current laws, title to land can only be transferred through the assistance of a local Attorney-at-Law. You should therefore make contact with an Attorney, perhaps through the Barbados Bar Association.
  9. What is a Section 17.4 Letter?

    This letter gives early notice to the Commissionier of Titles that the documents cannot be recorded without the Notice.